B7 Hex Bolts PTFE Teflon A193

B7 Hex Bolts PTFE Teflon A193

PTFE Teflon B7 Hex Bolts
ASTM 193
We stock a large variety of PTFE Teflon coated B7 hex bolts (and 2H heavy hex nuts) in diameters up to 1-1/2" inches. Gey Molly and other color options are available by

Why use Teflon fasteners?
Using Teflon coated fasteners has several advantages. They have a similar high level of resistance to rust/corrosion as stainless steel fasteners giving them a "longer life" than galvanized fasteners. A Teflon coating also gives fasteners lower friction levels reducing tork, making them much easier to fasten and looosen. They are also long term cost efficent. While Teflon fasteners are usually priced a bit higher than galvanized ones, they are stronger, reduce overall labor time and last longer while costing less then stainless steel options.

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